About Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

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About Richmond for Richmond, British Columbia and Area

When you want to know Richmond, British Columbia

Overview of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Richmond is a Canadian city located on the Pacific coast in British Columbia, just south of Vancouver. The city has a population of 177,750, a total area of roughly 129.666 km², and is made up of a series of 15 islands in the Frasier River Delta. The city is home to a unique heritage, great life expectancy, a successful education system, beautiful landscapes, a temperate climate, unique annual cultural events and a thriving economy. Richmond has the lowest percentage of visible minorities of any city in Canada with 41.3% of the population non-Caucasian. The city is also constructing an 8,000 seat speed-skating oval for the upcoming 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

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  • Population: 177,750
  • Area: 129.666/km²
  • Latitude: 49°59` N
  • Longitude: 123°0.7` W
  • Weather: See forecast
  • Elevation: 1 MSL
  • Time Zone: Pacific
  • Language: English
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History of Richmond, British Columbia

British Columbia's Richmond was named after a local Richmond Farm established by Hugh McRoberts, and was officially incorporated as a municipality on November 10, 1879. On March 25, 1910, the first British Colombian flight was made in the city from the Minoru Racetrack. Richmond grew steadily throughout the 20th century, and was designated as a city on December 3rd, 1990.

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Richmond's Demographics

The city of Richmond, British Columbia, has a population of roughly 177,750 people, making it the fourth largest city in the Greater Vancouver Regional District after Vancouver, Surrey and Burnaby. Richmond has the greatest percentage of visible minorities in Canada, with less than 41.3% of the population Caucasian. The majority of the city's residents are East Asian, mostly from Hong Kong and China.

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Richmond's Climate

The city of Richmond, British Columbia, has a relatively temperature climate, with little snow in the winters and mild to warm summers. Richmond has 30% less rain than nearby Vancouver due to its distance from the mountains, and the city receives much fog in the cooler seasons.

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Education in Richmond, British Columbia

Richmond, British Columbia, is home to 38 elementary schools and 11 secondary schools. In addition, the city has a campus of Kwantlen University College and the British Columbia Institute of Technology runs its aircraft maintenance courses at the facilities in the local Vancouver International Airport.

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Transportation around Richmond, British Columbia

Richmond, British Columbia has extensive and easy transportation for both its residents and tourists. The Vancouver International Airport is located in Richmond on Sea Island, as well as numerous bridges and tunnels that connect the city to Vancouver and Delta, numerous railway stops, the prominent Highways 90 and 91, and an extensive public transit system that is funded and organized by TransLink.

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Tourism and Attractions of Richmond

The city of Richmond, British Columbia, is home to numerous tourist attractions, foremost of which are its extensive top quality parks and recreation facilities, boasting more than 90 parks with roughly 1400 acres in area. Other Richmond attractions include the popular Art Gallery run by the Richmond Art Gallery Association, the Britannia Heritage Shipyard Park, the Minoru Chapel, Steveston Museum and the Interurban Tram.

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Surrounding Communities

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  • Woodwards Landing
  • Southarm
  • Broadmoor
  • Seafair
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  • Brighouse
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  • Bridgeport
  • Ladner

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Geography of Richmond, British Columbia

The city comprises most of the islands in the Fraser River delta, the largest and most populated island being Lulu Island (the eastern tip of which forms the Queensborough neighbourhood, which is actually part of the neighbouring city of New Westminster). The next largest island, Sea Island, is home to the Vancouver International Airport (YVR). In addition to Lulu and Sea Islands, 13 smaller islands make up the city's 129.66 square kilometres (50.1 sq mi) land area. The former village of Steveston takes up the far southwest corner of the city.

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Richmond's Government

Richmond, British Columbia, is governed by an 8-member City Council and by Mayor Malcolm Brodie. Richmond tends to lean right of centre politically, and in the recent 2006 federal election one seat was taken by the Liberal party and the other by the currently governing Conservatives.

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Richmond's Economy and Industry

The city of Richmond, British Columbia, has a highly successful economy with roughly 100,000 jobs, mostly available in retailing, tourism, light manufacturing, services, aviation, agriculture, government and fishing. Richmond is also home to many high-technology companies, such as Nintendo, Raytheon, T & T Supermarket, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, Ebco Industries, MacDonal Dettwiler, Teleflex, VTech, Sierra Wireless and River Rock Casino.

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Richmond's Culture and Significant Events

Richmond, British Columbia, holds an extremely multicultural and artistic culture, and is also home to numerous significant annual events throughout the year. Richmond hosts the renowned Salmon Festival on Canada Day, with a huge carnival and barbecued salmon sale in front of the Steveston Community Centre. The Festival consistently draws great numbers, including local politicians. Richmond also hosts the annual Night Market in the summer, when clothes, goldfish, toys are sold along with performances.

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Sports in Richmond, British Columbia

The city of Richmond, British Columbia, is home to many local sports teams, including the Richmond Budgies Senior Men's Baseball Club and the Richmond Sockeyes Junior B hockey team. As well, Richmond boasts two popular swim clubs – the Richmond Rapids Winter Swim Club and the Kigoos Summer Swimming Club. In the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Richmond is constructing an 8,000 seat speed-skating stadium near the Vancouver International Airport.

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Media of Richmond

Richmond, British Columbia is somewhat reliant on Vancouver for media, but also has its own local media sources, including the 650 CISL radio station and the Richmond Review and the Richmond News newspapers.

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